Total Wellness Membership: $175/month

No matter where you’re starting, we offer a complete range of wellness services to help you achieve your goals. Whether you are coping with a chronic condition, trying to lose weight, or simply ready to take preventive health to the next level, we offer a comprehensive range of programs, services and expertise that provides the specific support and holistic approach you need to succeed.

Our Total Wellness Membership brings together our three main pillars of wellness into a monthly package so you can count on hands-on assistance and accountability every step of the way to your health goals. Our three pillars of wellness are movement, nutrition, and mind-body restoration. We bundle these up along with regular Health Assessments to check in on your progress.

In your first Health Assessment visit, you will meet breifly 1:1 with your Wellness Coach to do an Inbody Body Composition Assessment so that he/she can begin to understand what your physical and personal goals are. 

Our Total Wellness Membership includes the following monthly services:

  • 15 minute Inbody Health Assessment
  • 50 minute Personal training session (choice of gym, pilates reformer studio, personal yoga or watsu)
  • 50 minute Massage therapy session (choice of any massage modality or reiki)
  • 30 minute Health Coaching follow up (choice of dietitian or breath coach)
  • Take advantage of an ongoing 10% discount on all other purchased services.
  • Add our Personalized Meal Plan subscription for 50% off the regular cost.

We have Wellness Coaches & Personal Trainers with a wide variety of expertise and specialities. Give us a call and we can match you with the best fit Wellness Coach or Personal Trainer to meet your needs.

To enroll, call (714) 578-8770.

Massage Therapy Membership: $75/month

Massage therapy is an incredibly effective modality for addressing health concerns of pain, stress, anxiety, trauma, injury or temporary health complications.

Our Massage Therapy Membership includes monthly access to:

  • 50 minute massage therapy session
  • 15 minute Inbody Health Assessment
  • Access to Video Library
  • Enjoy 10% off of more massage purchases.

Click here for more information on our massage services.

To enroll, call (714) 578-8770.

Personal Training Membership: $75/month

Working with a personal trainer who specializes in your unique physical needs is a highly effective way to achieve the results you want. Work with a trainer in the gym on strength training & conditioning, prevention of injury, or continued recovery after graduation from physical therapy. Work with a personal yoga coach in our peaceful yoga studio to work on balance, flexibility, mindfulness and restorative healing. You can also work with a pilates trainer in our state of the art pilates reformer studio to accomplish strength, postural, core and and flexibility goals. The Personal Training Membership is ideal for those needing a consistent personal trainer as well as those looking for a monthly private check-in while benefitting from the membership discount on routine duet or trio sessions.

Our Personal Training Membership includes monthly access to:

  • 50 minute private personal training session
  • 15 minute Inbody Health Assessment
  • Access to Open Gym hours & Video Library
  • Enjoy 10% off of any other personal training purchases, including duets and trios.

Click here for more information on our personal training services.

To enroll, call (714) 578-8770.